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 Thank You for coming to RichReefer.comyour aqua-culturing specialist for all your Reefing needs! All of our pictures on our website are taken with my Nikon D5200, with 60mm or 105mm nikon macro lens topdown, and some with my iphone. Pictures are taken under, and corals are grown under, a combanation of lights: 20,000K Ushio MHATI Blue plus and Coral plus T5s, and Cree royal blue leds.  Our grow out systems have betwen 1000W-1500W of lighting on each of are 6'-8' tanks.  All corals are aquacultured and maintained buy me RichReefer, and grown out and stablized in my Reef systems here in RR Texas (unless otherwise noted). THANK YOU! HAPPY REEFING!!!

 Feel Free to Call us today at  (530) 208-7331 or email us at RICHREEFER@yahoo.com.Also follow us on

 Facebook at Tyson B Rich and on Instagram @Richreefer over 2000 pic on each 




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